What Are Wigs Made Of?

One of fields where costume wigs and Halloween wigs are very useful is in the performing arts field. This is simply because such field is mainly composed of performers, performances, make ups, costumes and other costume parts including wigs. Although this doesn’t mean that a performance will not be completed without using a wig, it still has an important role to play particularly to help a performer give justice to his/her part. It is a type of accessory that really has something to contribute for the success of a certain performance. And because people are already familiar with what a wig is and how it is used, let’s talk about the different materials that are used for its manufacturing.

There are many types of wigs and therefore, there are also several materials used to make it possible. One of the most known and common materials used for making a wig is obviously the human hair. Because we, humans are the ones who will be using wigs, it is just right to say that the best wigs are made of human hair. Wearing it won’t probably make you feel uncomfortable and awkward because you will feel like you not wearing a wig at all, just your natural hair.

Horsehair is another popular material for wigs. This particular material refers to the long hair that can be found on the mane and tail of a horse. Horsehair has some of the characteristics that human hair has that’s why it is considered to be a good material for wigs. But of course, you can never expect all horsehair to be very soft, fine and flexible; they can also be very stiff. As a proof that horsehair wigs are popular, even the Court officials in some countries wear horsehair wigs because of it has been their tradition.

On the other hand, wool, feathers and buffalo hair can also be used for wig making. These materials may not make the best quality wigs but they can still be used to come up with wigs that are of fair quality. It is evident that wearing a wig made from any of these three materials is not going to be comfortable but they are definitely cheaper than the others.

Although human hair wigs are considered to be the best quality wigs available, those that are made synthetic fiber are also becoming increasingly popular. Synthetic wigs are almost the same with human hair wigs in terms of texture and appearance. However, because they are made of synthetic materials, the tendency for them to be damaged is greater than those that are made of human hair. Curling, ironing, blow drying and other things that you want to do with a synthetic wig should be lessened or minimized.

All these wigs that are made of different materials are definitely very useful for people involved in the performing arts field regardless of its branches. Wearing these wigs will eliminate the need for them to cut their hairs or have them colored. Thus, the effort and time for the performance preparation will not be too much.