Discover The Famous Dances Of Brazil

The country of Brazil is known for many things, their heritage, rich culture, football, basketball, volleyball, the sport MMA, and the dancing. The South American country holds some of the most outstanding contribution to the world. The Brazilian people are among the most gifted; their football supremacy in the world cup is a stuff of legends. Brazil’s football glory days highlighted by the legendary Pele or Edison "Edson" Arantes do Nascimento, and soon many footballers would follow.

Brazilians does not excel in one sport alone, it has three players currently playing in NBA. The national women’s team in volleyball is dubbed among the best in the world and it has Olympic gold medal to prove it. in the world of fighting sport particularly the UFC several Brazilians have been crowned champion, in fact the very first champion was a native of the Portuguese speaking country goes by the name Royce Gracie. You could eliminate all of the achievement of the Brazilian people in world sports and they would still be famous and that is due to dances they have.

Feeling the Frevo
Originated in the northeastern region of Brazil, the dance style is among the famous dances. The carnivals of Olinda won’t be complete without the Frevo performed on the streets. The whole routine of the dance is about fast walking, and the rhythmic dance steps that make it interesting. The costumes of the dancers of frevo are colorful, and more emphasize on the umbrella carried by the performers. Foreign people, who watch the carnival of Olinda would dress up like the performers, sometime would showcase the funny idea of wearing costume wigs.

Who or What is Carmen Miranda?
Well, for starters it is both a dance and a person. This type of Brazilian dance is name after a multi-talented artist name Carmen Miranda. It was the way of the Brazilians to honor the artist of her work of making her native well known to the world. She was described by many of her fans as innovative and creative in more ways than one. What makes her famous? Almost everything, the acting, shoes, clothing, and the famous signatures hat the center of her fashion.

Xaxado of the badlands
Popular and unique are the qualities of this dance, originated in the Brazilian badlands. Originally it was a sign of protest of peasants who wanted changes. It is performed by hitting your feet or sandals to the ground of the earth. The Robin Hood type of story of outlaws in the badlands was the inspiration of the xaxado dance. The outlaws condemn the exploitation of the weak and those who can’t depend themselves. They would gladly steal from the rich and give to the poor.

Saving the best for last the samba
With just the mention of this five letter word people from would recognize it is Brazilian. No form of dance originated from Brazil is more famous than samba; it is like a signature of the people wherever they go. The African slaves are given credit in the creation of samba, and would mean the “naval bumps”. Samba was used by the African as a form of a secretive religious ceremony since they weren’t allowed to do it. Today, samba influenced by location and music because some countries developed their own versions.  Don’t be surprised if you see someone wearing Halloween wigs while dancing the samba.